God first God always



I care about your heart, your mind, & your soul. Let’s fellowship.

I love the broken, the poor in spirit who struggle to understand God, others, & themselves. I shed light on mental health & emotional well-being as I share the Word. The questions & messages I receive on Tumblr have been so encouraging & that’s the reason I’ve recently returned (Summer 2018). For now, this channel will be my focus by uploading once or twice weekly. 

Eventually, I’ll be sharing my testimony & what keeps my faith burning. Please forgive me for being gone for so long. I had a lot going on. You can help me continue what I do by becoming one of my monthly supporters on Patreon.


*Series, Bible studies, & how tos 

 *Q & A from Tumblr

*Herbs & supplements as well as book reviews/recommendations

*Devotionals once a week

*Guided meditations & prayers, including Scripture reading

*Promote future eBook(s)