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Your body is His temple. Join me on my health & fitness journey!  

The lifestyle I’m on is Ketogenic. I’ve modified it as a woman by eating around my menstrual cycle to support my mental health. I’ve been benefitting from this for 3 yrs. now, transitioning from Vegan, to Vegetarian, to Omnivorous, to Pescatarian each month. I’ve discovered I easily lose the weight because it focuses on balancing hormones by balancing nutrients.

I’m cautious of the dangers there could be on long term keto, so I don’t do this each month anymore. But I’ve been maintaining my weight on & off this lifestyle. Currently, I’ve got a ton on my plate, so I’ll be uploading again in 2019. 


*Recipes, tips, hacks, & how tos

*Herbs & supplements as well as book reviews/recommendations

*Continue to share knowledge based on independent research, progress updates, before & afters, as well as vitals

*Promote future eBook(s)

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