Currently focusing on building God first God always.

God first God always



I care about your heart, your mind, & your soul. Let’s fellowship.

I love the broken, the poor in spirit who struggle to understand God, others, & themselves. I shed light on mental health & emotional well-being as I share the Word. The questions & messages I receive on Tumblr have been so encouraging & that’s the reason I’ve recently returned (Summer 2018). For now, this channel will be my focus by uploading once or twice weekly. 

Eventually, I’ll be sharing my testimony & what keeps my faith burning. Please forgive me for being gone for so long. I had a lot going on. You can help me continue what I do by becoming one of my monthly supporters on Patreon.


*Series, Bible studies, & how tos 

 *Q & A from Tumblr

*Herbs & supplements as well as book reviews/recommendations

*Devotionals once a week

*Guided meditations & prayers, including Scripture reading

*Promote future eBook(s)




Start Today

Repeat Tomorrow 



Your body is His temple. Join me on my health & fitness journey!  

The lifestyle I’m on is Ketogenic. I’ve modified it as a woman by eating around my menstrual cycle to support my mental health. I’ve been benefitting from this for 3 yrs. now, transitioning from Vegan, to Vegetarian, to Omnivorous, to Pescatarian each month. I’ve discovered I easily lose the weight because it focuses on balancing hormones by balancing nutrients.

I’m cautious of the dangers there could be on long term keto, so I don’t do this each month anymore. But I’ve been maintaining my weight on & off this lifestyle. Currently, I’ve got a ton on my plate, so I’ll be uploading again in 2019. 


*Recipes, tips, hacks, & how tos

*Herbs & supplements as well as book reviews/recommendations

*Continue to share knowledge based on independent research, progress updates, before & afters, as well as vitals

*Promote future eBook(s)

*Have Patreon support me



Pastel Paint Portraits



This is for those who requested/will be requesting portraits done by me. 

I work best w/ charcoal, colored pencils, pastels, & oil paint on good quality card stock paper. All videos will continue to be in time-lapse. I decided it’s about time to expand w/ my art & showcase my skill by making this available for potential customers. This channel has the least following because I’m not actively growing it. Patreon will not be supporting me.

If you’d like to place an order, visit my Etsy shop, PastelPaintPortraits & simply follow the instructions of any listing. Prices will increase w/ demand. I’ll personally ship the original artwork & the photo will be displayed in my Gallery.  


*Mostly portraits (for now)

*Product promotion/recommendation mentioned in description box only

*There will be no tutorials because I am not good at teaching art

*Turn subscribers into potential customers

*Include landscapes (future??)