Joy’s laugh is contagious,

An infection called “vivacious”

Her spirit keeps smiling,

Every cloud, a silver lining

Joy’s cry is all shameless,

They are the tears of the blameless

Her soul remains smiling,

On every cloud, His light is shining


By His Grace, Sheela (via


Christian  Health|Fitness  Portrait Art




She had about her an air of innocence,

Whenever she did breathe this golden silence

You’d be lucky to catch a twinkle in her eyes,

And never would’ve known her lips could tell lies

She walked so tall, oh how she loved the light,

But come the dark hours, come the hush of night

She’d cry tears of pain and sorrow,

But no shoulder could she borrow

Just a lie of hope for a better tomorrow,

And the least a chance to pretend again or show

That her bravest smile could make it so bright,

For the people to see her strength and might

As she walks with her head toward the skies,

No one could really tell how much she tries

With every step to create balance,

How blind she was, and God was her guidance.


By His Grace, Sheela (via


Christian  Health|Fitness  Portrait Art