What should I and others do during a really stressful and tough time?

What’s on your mind?Category: NEED HELP (specifically seeking tips/advice for faith/spiritual growth)What should I and others do during a really stressful and tough time?
Sheela Leigh Staff asked 3 years ago

What should I and others do during a really stressful and tough time? I understand that I should pray, talk to others, and keep my thoughts on a happier note, but sometimes it becomes too much and nothing seems to help. In no way am I suggesting suicide because that is never an answer to anything, but I mean when it feels too hard to handle? Thanks xx

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Sheela Leigh Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey 🙂 thanks for this! Take a break. Take a day off. I know there’s a lot that goes on physically and mentally when we’re under stress, but when you pray, are you making sure that praise and thanks is a big part of it, are you making God bigger than your stress? Are you thinking of God’s Grace every day? Are you intentionally focusing on your purpose in Him when you pray? Does your meditation take you back to a newness and oneness with Him? The only reason why you would still be stressed out after prayer or talking to a friend is because you may have forgotten you’ve already laid down your troubles at His feet or you ended your prayer/conversation still doubting. It’s only true that nothing seems to help when we’ve put more importance on making other things work for us instead of really realizing that what we truly need is all in God. When you depend more on other things to lessen your stress, you block His redemptive power to work miracles in you. Things don’t change around you unless you begin to see things differently. The Holy Spirit is your every guide to change the way you think. Pray for a transformed mind. When You finally depend on God more than anything, I mean night and day consistently refocusing on Him when you remember, then you can finally make use of other things that could help. He did provide us with resources. Prayer should accompany the use of other things that could help your stress. Throughout the day remind yourself that nothing is impossible with God, that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Remind yourself you cannot overcome stress without His help, and that He is your guide in all situations. If it’s a bad situation, have faith that sooner or later things will turn out good because the reason He has you going through that is good, because in the end you’ll have strength to overcome a bigger obstacle later on. His plans for you are always good, He prepares you because He loves you. When I’m overwhelmed with stress, I honestly give it a good cry but I don’t stop crying until I realize my grief is so self-absorbed. God’s trained me to take that focus off me and focus on Him, I stop crying just for a while then I start up again but this time genuinely grieving at the fact that He’s done so much for me. Why should I keep crying about a few things that have led to my breakdown? I end up praising Him and my tears turn to joy! I believe every person who says they’re Christian should seriously have this mindset. A lot of us mourn for too long even if tears aren’t there, our attitudes and chronic expression of dread on our faces speak more than words could say. We spend time too long in the valley before realizing the greatness of God. We wait until Sunday to worship Him and for many others they forget what God has done. When I’m overwhelmed with stress, I think 2 main things, questions that I ask myself….”Should I pray about this right now or later?” And “How’s my diet, am I eating right?” You might laugh at the second one, but seriously, the way you deal with stress says a lot about your health. So for me, I’ll blame my bad eating habits every now and then, and as soon as I’m back on track, my thoughts and feelings make sense to me again. It’s psychological in both ways, but there’s a reason why healthy food is healthy for the mind and body. I don’t know what else you or others turn to to relieve stress, but all I know is make sure to depend on God first and then other things, even if it means calling up a friend. Positive affirmations have helped me a ton! Bible verses can be turned into them, check this long list….. https://www.faithandhealthconnection.org/110-affirmations-using-bible-verses/ God bless, I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight! 🙂
By His Grace, Sheela (Via godfirstgodalways)