I’m 23 and I’ve never been in a relationship and it’s been really hard

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Sheela Leigh Staff asked 3 years ago

I’m 23 and I’ve never been in a relationship and it’s been really hard. I long for a man to touch me. It’s hard to see all my friends married or already having kids. I cried myself to sleep last night knowing I’ll probably never marry..

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Sheela Leigh Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey! 23?? It’s cute you’re worried about nothing! It’s not going to help you if you keep comparing yourself to your friends. Don’t cry too much either, I mean it’s okay you’ve expressed that desire to God, and it’s okay to keep expressing it, but try to pray more than you cry. Even though He already knows all your desires, He wants you to pray about them. Why? He wants to see you grow and hear you talking to Him often. He made you with those desires, so He also knows who the best man is for you. I believe that there is someone for you. But He just wants your full attention on Him so He can show you who. He loves you so much to give you all this free time as a single person to really think through what type of man you want and need. God is using this time right now, while you’re feeling lonely and weak, so He can bring out in you the strong person you need to become once you truly realize all you need is Jesus. When you have become content with God’s Son, Christ alone, it’s then He begins to answer that special request of yours. And even after you find him, don’t lose your focus on Jesus.
Express those desires to Him through prayer, everyday, as often as you can remember throughout the day. If you really want to have a relationship, God will only honor it if your desires are righteous. So are you praying enough to the point of being confident that the Lord will provide someone for you? If you are praying but not confidently enough, then keep praying for faith and confidence to trust God’s will that it is good. Pray for absolute patience. You have to approach Him with consistent humility, not self-pity, because meeting Him half way with fear, honor, and respect is what the Lord wants out of you. You will definitely be more aware of His presence that He’s come to meet you half way when you sense His joy in seeing you His faithful child. You’re still so young! Just remember that there are many women out there in their 40s/50s still struggling to find someone and you’ve got so much time to really get to know yourself more before you get yourself committed to one man. Trust the Lord more than ever that He’s using this time to make you more beautiful inside and out because He’s preparing you for a man who is so deserving of you. I’m praying for you friend!
By His Grace, Sheela (Via godfirstgodalways)