I feel like I don’t have faith but I want to

Sheela Leigh Staff asked 3 years ago


I feel like I don’t have faith but I want to. Any advice?

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Sheela Leigh Staff answered 3 years ago

If you’ve only been curious of God or haven’t yet declared Christ as your Savior to the congregation, friends/family, if you’ve never been baptized, it’ll be very difficult believing that you’re growing in faith, because once you make that step, you’ll be born again and realize the life of Christ inside you is well and alive. If you haven’t given your entire life to Christ, you can pray for the Holy Spirit to help you make this decision because you want to have more faith. Anyone can have a mustard seed of faith and never be baptized. But whether or not you are, I believe you do have faith. It’s very little, I think it’s either a seed or it’s beginning to sprout. But it’s ok. I know it’s either one because you want to have more faith. The Lord answers desires that are righteous and are pleasing to Him. You can start every morning by asking God for more faith, but don’t put all your focus on getting more faith, focus instead on what He can do with your small faith. Have you ever heard of WWJD? If you haven’t, it stands for What Would Jesus Do. What do you think Jesus would do if He was in your situation? Of course He will never be, but for the sake of this acronym, which is all for Him, what do you think He would do if He was in your shoes? I think He would begin to pray to the Father for more faith, and then He would begin to move in the direction He believes He is telling Him to go or do whatever He believes He is telling Him to do. If you follow this acronym and still mess up, it’s alright because you’re not perfect, but in your journey you will gain a little more faith than you had before.

When someone asks for more confidence, God will create situations for them that require them to put that confidence to work, same thing with faith. In any situation/circumstance you find yourself in, if you’re aware enough to want to please the Father, do something that you think Jesus would do. So if He asks God for more faith, of course He is going to give it to Him. Because anyone who asks for more faith, spiritually young or old, meaning they’ve declared that the Lord of their heart is God, then He will give more faith. If the need for more faith is so strong in you, the Holy Spirit will guide you to make a declaration through baptism (if you haven’t already done so). That’s faith right there if you take or have taken that step. If you have however already made this declaration and still feel like you lack faith, you aren’t surrounding yourself enough with positive messages that will feed the seed in you. You will continually feel this void as long as you’re quenching Christ’s life inside you. God loves you so much that’s why you are uncomfortable in this lack of faith, He doesn’t want you to stay there, He wants you to get moving. If you’ve been a Christian for some years now, maybe you’ve gotten off track and let Satan’s lies get the best of you, you’ve fallen into his tricks that’s made you stagnant in your faith, and you’ve only got so little left. Whatever your reason is for not having enough faith, by asking the Father for guidance, your faith will grow, but you have to ask more specifically for Him to give you the strength to gain it. You have to ask Him to keep you alert whenever anything requires your faith. That means you’ve got to be specific about what you think you need in order to grow spiritually. It can be as specific as asking God to help you stop cussing because you believe that you will attract more positivity in your life. It takes faith to have faith, and you’ve got faith. I know this because everyone believes in something or someone, but what’s even better is the most skeptical or doubtful person is the one God works in the most, so keep praying. It doesn’t matter if you don’t even notice it, trust God you are growing in His time. It doesn’t matter how fast of slow your growth is, what matters is you’re walking the walk. It’s in His will that you grow because He wants all His children to have strong faith in Him, and by seeking Him in everything you do, you are bound to mature spiritually.

Anything is true if you believe in your heart and nothing is truer than believing in God. To have more faith, you’ve got to realize what having faith looks like. Will it make you a better decision maker? Will it help you in all your relationships? Will it take away your worries and fears? Will it make you feel closer to God? If you already know that by having faith, it’s the number one secret to living a happy life, then do what must be done to grow in that faith, seek God in everything you do, be part of a Christian group that keep each other acquainted in faith, immerse yourself in all things that will help you grow. You can pray all you can, but as long as you don’t believe in your heart that your faith is growing in God, then you don’t leave yourself open to actually do anything about it. What will it take for you to have more faith? Does God need to show you miracles for you to gain it? Do you need certain prayers to be answered for you to have it? Be honest with yourself and God. If any of those are true that’s fine, then ask God to show you miracles, ask Him to answer your prayers, because in that time that you may have little faith, by you praying in desperation, He’ll work it out and sooner or later you will begin to see how He moves and works in the most doubtful and skeptical, yet ordinary of lives. If you’re keeping alert to every opportunity to gain faith, for sure He will bless you with more. Hope this helped. I’m praying for you. 🙂

Matthew 17:2 – He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

By His Grace, Sheela (Via godfirstgodalways)