Ever wonder why at times it’s so difficult to focus on a task even if we’re knowledgeable about it? And why is it at times we procrastinate despite the coffee or the energy drink we just had? 

A few years ago when I my life was all about “self-help”, I stumbled upon a few videos of Tony Robbins and Jordan Belfort. Okay, so they may not be prophets but I did write down a few facts that’s worth applying by adding a punch of Christian value into it. At least that’s what I’d like to believe.

Your productivity depends on your state.

Change your state — the way you breathe, the way you stand, your facial expression, posture…

Your state/physiology changes how you feel.

What you focus on is how you end up feeling.

Funny faces, smiling, dancing, exercising, intended sudden movements all change how you feel.Let’s apply this knowledge to Christianity. Change how you feel by focusing on God. How do you focus on God? Ask yourself these questions whenever something in you doesn’t feel right or whenever you feel even the slightest discomfort for whatever reason:

  • What am I️ grateful for?
  • What am I️ excited for?
  • What’s my outcome today?
  • What are my goals?
  • How can I leverage myself?
  • What have I accomplished today?
  • Did anything good happen?
  • Were there any good news?

When you change your state by controlling how you feel, you become more productive.

Focus your energy to take the right actions.


The reason why it’s hard to focus under stress is because somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten our purpose. The point of asking ourselves specific questions that get us out of our pity party and back on track is so we remember our purpose. Our purpose as a follower of Christ by the way is not for ourselves. If you don’t know your purpose must first and foremost please God, then you must dig deeper. God’s direction is most straightforward. 

We must continually learn to use our weak moments as triggers to make new action based on obedience. The action is none other than prayer. Ask those questions in the form of prayers. 

Don’t ignore any negative thought or feeling that comes by. Be alert to recognize Satan’s schemes and thwarts and take them captive to make obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). You can’t ignore them by doing the best you can for whatever you’re trying to achieve, because…

  •  You might end up burning yourself out.
  •  You might end up half-hearted about it, or lazy, and  feel more so  obligated.
  •  It’s pride when you’re relying on your own  strength. 

Face it head on.  Hand it to God. Surrender and pray, and your productivity will be full of joy, strength, energy, passion, and purpose. 

If fast moving actions change how you feel, try blasting some upbeat praise and worship, sing along, dance like crazy, or listen to calm music if you prefer. But don’t miss the opportunity to pray, pray, pray! Keep your mind stayed on the Lord to perfect humility.

You always make wiser decisions in a humble state and you can always do more when you’re inspired by Him. 


Questions not to ask yourself while under stress because they will only make you more stressed…

  • Why are bad things always happening to me?
  • Why do I always end up feeling bad for myself?
  • Why do I feel so tired and unmotivated?
  • Why does this suck right now?
  • Why is my life not making any sense?
  • Why am I being punished?
  • Why can’t I get it together?
  • Why is this so complicated?

If productivity is a struggle for you as it is for me, give yourself a pat on the back for coming this far, and check out these affirmative questions I’ve organized together…

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