My Birthday Adventure


My boyfriend, David flew in from L.A. last Thursday. We bowled that night with his older brother Robert Jr.. We went to Suncoast casino, where we used to watch movies on Tuesdays for $5, then afterwards go bowling because it was a free round if we showed our ticket stubs. There’s always something to do in Vegas other than watch shows and gamble on the Strip, but I’m assuming not many people know that. So we brought our own shoes and we did alright. I practiced my curved throw, which is best described as throwing a football underhand. I threw more gutter-balls than curved ones, but I didn’t care. The best I ever did at bowling was with a 7 pounder. I can’t get away with doing that again because the guys working there said I’d have to be a kid to borrow it. We stayed up pretty late, then the following morning we headed over to our friends’ house. They live 40 minutes away from the nearest ski/snowboarding resort, Mt. Charleston. It was my 4th time snowboarding and the time before that was embarrassing because I ended up landing on my face a few times and eating a lot of snow. I remember when David took me for my third time a little over 2 years ago. It was my first chance to impress him with some sporty moves and the fact that I told him I’d gone twice before, he expected that I would do just fine. To his surprise I was better staying behind on the bunny slopes. I ended up landing on my face a good number of times again and eating a bunch of snow. He and his brother were patient and kind enough to give me some lessons. I tried my best to learn but I guess I just don’t know how to follow instructions. This time around however, I had better balance. A good friend told me before that snowboarding is like learning how to ride a bike. Once you learn it, you’ll never forget, even if you haven’t done it in quite a while. For me, it took 3 trips to the mountains to finally be consistent at keeping my balance. Being up there for nearly 5 hours, I only fell about 10 times. He was impressed and he made sure I heard him say it a few more times. I still have yet to learn toe carving but maybe next year I’ll be ready. We finished the day with all-you-can-eat sushi at China town and I’ve never been so sleepy at a restaurant. I have to mention that snowboarding can be very expensive. Not my gear though. I like to have fun and l like to save money. I found my bargain at the juniors’ clearance section in Big 5, Cerritos, California. My jacket, pants, gloves, and goggles all came at just under $100. The fact that it was on sale was great, and the fact that I was daring enough to ask if I could get a discount for purchasing over $100 worth of merchandise saved me $50. 🙂 My boots were also ridiculously discounted because of a defect, which works just perfectly fine with me. I picked them up from a table at REI Sporting Goods here in Vegas on a day they had a huge sale that extended out to the very front of the building. $14 can you believe?! My board was given to me by an ex who used to work for a man that owned a bar by the beach in Mission Bay, San Diego. He had a collection of all kinds of boards, skates, and bikes in his garage. Anyway, he was able to claim the board for free, and I didn’t even have to ask for it.

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On Saturday, we spent the afternoon helping his brother move into his new house. My muscles were so sore from the day before but lifting furniture and always being on the move was also the cure. We finished that day with a great meal of Filipino food treated to us by their dad. The brothers geared up for their shooting match on Sunday. These guys have been playing with guns since before they turned teenagers. It’s much funner shooting with them than watching a match that lasts for hours, so I opted to stay home. That evening, they took me out to meet with a couple friends at GameWorks. It was the most fun 5 hours I’ve ever had in an arcade, so much fun that I ended up getting sick. I remember eating a really sweet lollipop, which then gave me a mean sore throat. As a kid I would always get sick the day after Halloween. Bacteria loves sugar. It’s such a simple knowledge. I may also have gotten some germs from all the buttons I was pressing that night. The following day, my sore throat led to some ridiculous coughing. Did this snowball come down from the mountain to chase me to the end of the Strip? Tuesday, the 23rd rolled in, I waited 3 long hours at the DMV to get my ID renewed. I should have brought a book to keep my mind off of my body aches and chills. This is how I spent my actual birthday. From a distance I saw the oriental girl that took 15 minutes with our lunch oder at Burger King after the brothers’ shooting match. I wanted to Snapchat about it, but God told me not to. Wednesday came, my cough persisted, and it was a sleepless night because I had the worst asthma attack of my life. I woke my parents nearly midnight and we drove to the nearest drugstore that we were hoping sold OTC inhalers, because mine were out of puffs. They said they didn’t sell those anymore so I wound up taking tablets instead, which were of very little help to my lungs. Thursday morning, we take a family trip to nearest Urgent Care clinic. It took 3 hours of waiting, just as long as I had waited in line to get my ID. All I wanted was an inhaler!!! I finally get in a room with my mom and brother. I gave him my virus apparently. I told the doctor how I was feeling, that my asthma was a lot worse earlier but it finally subsided after the long wait, that I rarely get attacks, only once or twice a year. But my mom insisted I get an injection. So next thing I know a male assistant comes in and makes my mom and brother leave so he could tell me to pull my pants down and give me a steroid shot on my right cheek, which he then explained was going to feel like a stinging punch to my butt’s bone. It was the most painful 15 minutes of my life. I don’t understand why the doctor couldn’t have done it herself and not leave me alone with him. I felt so awkward. Happy Birthday to me. It was worth it though. I could breath again. I’m so thankful for air.

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