Morning Meditation

IMG_0714 (2)Another day is here. I am given another chance to better my relationships with family and friends. Anyone else I encounter today, let me be a source of light to them. I choose to give the best of me to those relationships by understanding God’s love. He loves unconditionally and He loves completely, so I must walk in His love. Today I choose to be joyful and lovable. My joy never ceases when I acknowledge His blessings for me. They are all around me. A grateful attitude keeps my heart at peace. I have decided that I am going to enjoy this day. My Lord is awesome, therefore today will also be awesome. I will be better today than I was yesterday. Yesterday is in the past. It is gone and it will never come again, whether the events were great or not so great. I choose not to hoard both pleasures and pains. I live for now. I move now toward God’s plans for me. Because my Creator loves me very much, He knows what’s best for me. So, I only want what He wants for me. I trust that His will is perfect and I believe that through His mighty power, all things are possible. I desire to be an excellent and faithful servant for His Kingdom. I desire to use the things He has given me to please Him. Right now I am being guided. He leads the path in the way that I should go. I am not a perfect person, that’s why I don’t always pay attention, but that is also why I have a relationship with Him, the most important relationship I could ever have. My oneness with Him is the key to joy and everlasting life. My success is His success. God is my help and I can always call on Him to redirect me in the right way. My honesty in this relationship is important. He values every confession and repentance. His presence renews me with confidence like no other. I am beautiful, I am strong, I am talented, I am intelligent, I am wise, and I am important. Today will be great because it comes from the Great Creator. I will live this day with love by surrendering all of me to Him. I love because He first loved me. Good morning. Amen.

By His Grace, Sheela (via


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