It’s Alright to Have a Mr. Right List

anne-edgar-119383-e1515802945541.jpgSo, I see where I’m at in my walk with God. Since He loves me so much, He only wants what’s best for me. And since He knows what’s best for me, I only want what He wants for me. He’s put new desires in my heart and I believe these wants please Him, otherwise I would not be at peace. It’s almost 3 years now that I have been single and I must say I’m very proud of it. Each relationship I had was a struggle to find the real me and this season of singleness is such an accomplishment because I keep finding myself in Christ. I know what I want now, what type of man God would be pleased to see me grow old with. I know what qualities and characteristics I should value ,and I’m not ashamed to be specific and detailed about them.

The man I will marry one day…

***must know there is a higher being above himself. He fears the Lord and has a genuine relationship with Him. He will enjoy growing spiritually with me because he knows that the foundation of our relationship is God.

***must value honesty, trust, and respect. He communicates confidently and gently listens to my needs and wants. He loves unconditionally, easily forgives and forgets. He easily opens up, because I’m just as understanding.

***must be a natural leader whom I can willfully submit to. He believes in himself and he also believes in me. He sees my potential and never stops encouraging me. He is inspirational and motivational, and I can learn from him, which will only make me a better person. He has the potential to be my manager or promotor, who can help me organize my ideas and see my projects bloom.

***must know how to manage money (because I don’t know these things!) Money comes easily to him and he definitely knows how to handle and invest it. He must also be just as wise with time.

***must have a charming personality, but have a greater character. He is very kind, caring, sensitive, compassionate, wise, strong-willed, patient, ambitious, and genuine. He can handle my short fuse and quirks, because he is emotionally stable. He must walk his talk.

***must be a gentleman, and a child at heart. He knows how to be serious at work, and how to be playful at home or at the right time. Being romantic comes naturally to him, and he is confident that he can humor me and amuse me, or simply make me smile with few words.

***is easily amused and enchanted by me because he admires my beauty, my character, my skills, and abilities. He appreciates my cheerful and optimistic attitude. He sees me as an intelligent individual. He values my time alone and gives me the space and freedom when I need it, and he is wise about his words.

***must value family and a nice comfortable home. He puts others before himself, and enjoys an organized, and tidy life. He is a responsible man with great integrity.

***must have a daring and adventurous side, a courageous, yet quiet confidence in his spirit. He has a love for fine art, film, theater, music, and literature. He loves nature/the outdoors, and all kinds of animals.

***must have a great physique because he values his health, fitness, and overall well-being. He enjoys putting effort in the way he looks, yet is not boastful about it. He also has a charming face, but a much more beautiful heart.

***must not be a perfectionist or be too hard on himself. He is not afraid to make mistakes and knows how to laugh at himself, because he does what he can to stay optimistic/positive.

***must not have to be talented, but he must at least know how to cook or prepare food with care. He doesn’t have to consider eating out often because he also enjoys staying at home.

***must value the good things in life, yet is not owned by them. He is always grateful for what he has and appreciates even the smallest things in life. He also has a heart for giving and helping the less fortunate, but also anyone in general.

***must enjoy sports I like or at least be willing to learn about them (golf, snowboarding, running, hiking, and biking). He won’t dread shopping with me and instead looks at it as an opportunity to spend quality time with one another.

***must not snore in bed, curse/cuss, or have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, porn…He is not jealous, possessive, or controlling, or goodbye!

***must know how to keep secrets between us, give good massages, and have a great memory (because mine is awful).

***must want children to raise, and have someone he looks up to, preferably another Christian.

This list is a reminder to myself to keep my standards high. I may look like someone who’s looking for the perfect man, but I know I’m not fooling myself. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT MAN…WELL JESUS WAS/IS THE ONLY PERFECT MAN…WHICH IS WHY HE’S THE PERFECT EXAMPLE FOR ALL MEN. This is something I dream about, yet it’s far from fantasy. This list might be too much for a man to live up to, but I believe that God made him to have some of these qualities already, and the rest is still at work in him. I believe that He’s working in his heart and molding him into someone better than what I expect. Desires change and people change, but the Biggest Man In Charge is always in control of those changes. So what if I have high standards? Years ago I didn’t have any! I’ve grown to respect myself enough to ponder about these things. And I know well that if I expect a lot from a man, it’s only fair that he expects a lot from me. I’M WORKING ON IT. I’m a single lady and not actively looking. Single ladies, protect your goodies! 🙂

Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do. 

By His Grace, Sheela (via


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