Leviticus 11:9 “These you may eat, of all that are in the waters. Everything in the waters that has fins and scales, whether in the seas or in the rivers, you may eat.” 

15 years I was a vegetarian and 15 years I was a vegetable. I was borderline anemic, I had asthma, very bad insomnia, eczema, and especially very bad attention span and memory. Why did I even choose the diet? I thought I was doing myself a favor but it was really just about pride. That’s a whole new story. It just wasn’t for me. I did eat my veggies, but I also ate my junk food. Maybe that’s it. Fortunately, I have a very caring pharmacist for a mother, whom I should have listened to from the very beginning. I started packing on the supplements right out of high school, but I never dared swallow a fish pill, until a few years ago when I went completely blank in the middle of a transaction fail at a Disney Store. Double whammy! The world came crashing down on me as if it were a gigantic snowball that just kept getting bigger and bigger. How could I not do simple math as quickly as I had done when I was a 4th grader? My face and ears turned as red as a drunk Japanese, but God saved my confused, little, flat arse, and my managers didn’t even reprimand me. I was desperate to fix this brain problem I had, and so I knew I would have to let my pride down. I did a lot of research online despite my poor attention, restlessness, anxiety, and irritability, which then led me to a self-diagnosis. I had either ADD or ADHD. As overrated as it sounds, I refused to get a real diagnosis for fear I would be told that I actually had it. I wasn’t going to let it get to me, but I also wasn’t going to be passive about it. My research came down to this…..

adobe-spark-post-13.pngThe Mediterranean Diet is composed of mostly fruits, vegetables, and seafood. The world’s most talented geniuses to make history originated in and around the Mediterranean region of Europe. DING DING DING DING!!!! How about the Asians? No one sets a better example of longevity than the Okinawans. They have their teas daily, munch on their fresh seaweeds and nori wrappers. But Japanese or not, Asians love their fish food. I realized I was the only one who wasn’t in on it, I had a lot of catching up to do, and I’d better start eating like a real Asian. Grandma wasn’t lying when she said “You better eat your fish.” Much respect to her. Here I was having the symptoms of early dementia and there she was reciting the phone numbers of all her grown children, all eleven of them. Whether you’re a vegetarian/vegan or not, if you’re young or old, fish can improve a person’s overall well-being. If you’re allergic, there ain’t nothing you can do. Well, maybe you can introduce it to your system slowly. There are two components of fish oil that can do wonders for you. One is Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and the other is Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). EPA is good for the heart, and DHA is good for the brain. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain, and whatever is good for both is good for the libido. 🙂 DHA is also found in seaweed/algae. Figuratively and literally speaking, I took my own dosage into my own hands and worked my way up to 14 fish oils a day. I lectured my personal and trusted pharmacist, and she began to do the same. In her own words, she said, “If I had only done this when I was in college…” It must have been a month later when, not one, but two light bulbs lit up inside my brain. It was ‘a day of Hallelujahs’ I says! Then I started worrying about the mercury that I was possibly ingesting, and wham!! Enter selenium. It was added to my stack. Selenium chelates mercury and so do nuts and seeds! So I went to my favorite health food store and bagged me a gazillion Brazilans! But it’s okay, I didn’t go nuts with them because there is toxicity if eaten too much in a short period of time.

You see, the human body is always under stress due to chemicals like household cleaners, genetically engineered food, MSG, artificial sweeteners, germs, and even antibiotics. It’s just so hard to avoid them. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of vitamins and supplements. Thank God!!! But if you want to make the best use of your money by not urinating most of it, take into consideration that they work best when your body is alkaline and when you take essential fatty acids along with them. Health is such an investment, but I’d rather help myself than have the doctors and nurses help me out of the pit I put myself in. I’ve never experienced the dread of being inside an emergency room, and I don’t plan on being in one until the day I produce me and my future hubby healthy offspring. Shopping for supplements has become more of a treat for me than shopping for discounted shoes. Hallelujah!

Since no one can prevent the onslaught of toxins to the body, you can do something by helping it fight back. Eat right. Toxins are basically free radicals. They are nervous little brats who start turning onto you by looking for extra electrons to stabilize themselves, and a lot of those electrons come from good and bad fat cells. You need to supply yourself with enough of good fats and those good fats come from FISH! As we breathe in oxygen, they meet with fats, and this is called oxidation. It’s inevitable. Oxidation is a tissue damaging process, which the body experiences as stress. That stress may start out small, but if it’s not taken care of, inflammation occurs as your bigger problem. Anything from frequent brain fog to full blown cancer is inflammation. I believe inflammation can be significantly reduced if we take antioxidants seriously. Antioxidants such as selenium, n acetylcysteine (NAC, a precursor of glutathione), grapeseed extract (resveratrol), vitamin E, astaxsanthin (found in pink/orange/salmon colored seafood) all work to protect essential fatty acids like your fish oil, which overall has anti-aging effects. Flaxseed has good fats in it, but is a poor contributor of DHA. Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder is so overrated especially in the U.S. because the Western Diet does not concern itself enough with the many benefits of seafood/fish/fish oil. If you find yourself getting lost in life (figuratively and literally speaking), misplacing things often, losing your train of thought, feeling the blues, any sign that tells you something is not right in your noggin, then start eating salmon and stocking up on fish oil. We’re becoming fatter and lazier and more forgetful. The U.S. is the fattest country with the highest population of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and blah blah blah. But American or not, we should eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean meat, nuts and seeds, and fish, with as little refined sugar and starch. It should be a ratio of 4:1, but oftentimes we do it the other way around, and so we get what we deserve…flabby stomachs and love handles and so on and so on, but we go on complaining. When I learned that ADD/ADHD is not only a hereditary condition, but that it can also be acquired, three of my light-bulbs turned on, and I overdosed on fish pills, DHA, and ate sardines everyday. One day I am going to be a genius, when I’ll have turned on five more.

The average human body is said to be 60-80% water. The brain is said to be made up of more than 60% fat, making it the fattest organ. Just as the body is made up of mostly water, supplying it with water is what it needs to function at its best. And just as the brain is made up of mostly fat, supplying it with the right type of fat is what it needs to function at its best. We were born with each brain cell/nerve cell covered with myelin sheath. This coating is 75% fat and it helps the relay of messages among the cells. Those with the most damaged myelin sheathes are Alzheimer victims. I don’t necessarily want to live a long life, but I definitely want to live it to the fullest. I don’t take fish oil as religiously as I use to. I still have my “spaced out” moments, however it’s nothing compared to how often I had to deal with then. I take breaks here and there, just as with herbs, minerals, and vitamins for the fact that the body does build a tolerance to supplements at some point, so it’s always a good idea to reintroduce them to the system again. And it’s always a good idea to eat whole foods instead of relying everyday on supplements. This is my two cents for today. 🙂

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