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Forget about wanting your surroundings to change. Focus on the Creator. Want Him more. He made you and He can change you. If you truly long for change, He will grant your desires in His way, in His time, and all things will fall into place. Just one thing He asks of you. Remain faithful.

Wake up early.


Eat right.

Love others.

Notice every good thing.

Pray throughout the day…

Not only for yourself but for others as well.

Guard your heart, take care of yourself…

Your walk with the Holy Spirit is greatly influenced by your health. That’s why God wants only what’s best for you. When you are consumed by His presence, you are better able to experience His best for you. He doesn’t want you to miss out on His goodness. So love yourself because He loves you so very much.

He wants all of you, your best, even your worst.

Surrender all.

He rewards us with peace, strength, a renewed mind…

His joy is your joy.

Do it all for Him.

It’s all worth it.

Proverbs 3:6 – In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

NOTE: This will be a future vlog or vlog series

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