I believe in the word ‘believe’ because it gives profound meaning to my confidence. This I believe, otherwise my opinions have no voice, religion and faith have no place in my heart, honesty and trust are indifferent to this world, what I see and hear has no interest to anyone, ethics are irrelevant, concerning the possibilities are impractical, imagination can’t fancy itself with mystery and magic, I’m not who I say I am to anyone or myself, and everything I think, and know about has no source. This word provides me with an understanding of life.

I admit I’m impressionable, yet I still don’t believe everything I see or hear. I have the choice to acknowledge or not. Believing gives me hope, opens opportunities, promotes knowledge, bends to shape my own truth or idea, belongs to everyone, and it’s free. On paper, letter, or conversation, ‘I’ stands solid, encouraged, followed by ‘believe’. Whether I believe this or that, it or you, I am right because I believe. It offers persons their claim to be authentic/genuine.

Genesis 1:1 states “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I choose to believe this. I would have a difficult time believing the rest of the Bible if I can’t accept this first sentence, if I can’t accept this as true. Undoubtedly, I would question my faith in God. When I do lack faith I ask myself, “What good is your faith if you don’t believe? What essence is truth if you don’t believe?” In the dictionary, ‘belief’ is a principle or idea accepted as true, especially without proof. Just believe! That’s why faith has substance, hope persists, and love has magnitude. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t believe these three words.

What you do with believing matters. Dreams are mere ideas unless you take belief in them and shape those beliefs to be worth reaching. I believe that everything I set my heart and mind to believe is the beauty it unfolds. Results will feed upon what beliefs I nurture it with. Believing for the benefit of yourself can lead you a long way in life. Having certain beliefs sets each person apart from the other. How would views and attitudes matter if everyone in the world believed the same people and things, or if everyone didn’t believe in anything? I believe in believing because it secures my individuality. And I believe God shapes my character.

Sometimes I’m challenged to believe in myself. This only reminds me to trust my faith. After all, trust is confidence within. Then of course my faith tells me to trust God. I believe in this word because it insists having no room for doubt. If I don’t believe in myself, then no one will believe in my God. I find joy in applying it to anything I choose. I like this word because it goes everywhere you go, only if you choose to take it with you. I believe in the word ‘choose’ and choosing as many positive words over negative ones. Believing should only thrive on your character’s makeup when you fall short of integrity. Believing makes me use it to my advantage. Believing compels me to think positive. I choose to believe that the Big Boss above me makes me a better, bigger, braver, and bolder believer.


I hope that anyone reading this has been empowered to be a bigger believer. I originally wrote this as speech that was meant to be memorized for a communications class, and I was moved to see that my classmates were also positively moved by it. This assignment was a chance for each person to enter their own revelation of core values to an independent, non profit organization called This I Believe, Inc. When I performed it, I had only mentioned God twice, but this season I’ve added a few more sentences, and I am not holding back. 🙂

By His Grace, Sheela (via


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    1. Thank you for the compliments! 🙂 I followed you because I saw a thoughtful comment you made on my friend’s blog, and now I see that you’re also an artist. That’s awesome. I also recently opened an Etsy shop called Wellllsuited. I will definitely be following your shop as well. Congrats on opening and God bless! 🙂

    1. Haha thank you! Sometimes He wakes me up in the middle of the night and says “Hurry, grab a pen and write this down.” I gotta do what I’m told or I’ll lose it!

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