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My heart it aches, I suffer in my youth,
My groans and moans speak for me the truth
But if my grief is caused by Satan’s lies,
What reason have I to cry and cry?

My heart it grows faint within me,
My spirit is far from free
But if my agony should lead me back to Your glory,
Lord, let my restless soul rest in Thee!

By His Grace, Sheela (via sheelaleigh.com)

P.S. No worries, I am not depressed. Just felt like writing this for anyone who might be going through something heart wrenching. I’ve been there friend.


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Hello there! I appreciate you reading my posts. 🙂 I am a born-again Christian, a storyteller, an artist, an independent researcher, and a health enthusiast who is passionate about integrating faith and mental/emotional wellbeing. God bless you!


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