Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt


22″ x 26″ mixed media. Drawn and painted on board. 2012.

This artwork was copied straight off of a printed photograph taken by a good friend, Stephan Arias from Southern California. He’s a freelancer specializing in engagement and wedding photography. Check out his site: Stephan Arias Photography


It was the best I could do as a wedding gift to my sister Kim and brother-in-law, Scott. It’s been a year since I walked down the aisle. 😉 I love them and pray for them. They do not want to have any children. Zip. Nada. Forever. And I think it’s a shame. But I understand. Maybe it’s because they deal with enough kids every single day of the week, and the thought of having a few at home makes them hurl. They did however, bring up the possibility of using me as a surrogate mom. But if they are going to borrow my uterus, I want a cockapoo, a chocolate labradoodle, and a Toyota Prius, Hybrid.

By His Grace, Sheela

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rex says:

    This is amazing! Did you paint it from scratch


    1. leighla93 says:

      Ha! Thank you for being my first commenter! 🙂 I copied it straight from a photograph.


      1. Rex says:

        First commenter. Lol. I better have been a good commenter then! Actually I read your spiritual blog post but could not find comment section there so I landed straight here.

        Keep writing leigh. Let the posts out regularly.


      2. leighla93 says:

        Haha my art means a lot and at least a word from anyone is encouraging! Thank you Rex! I’ll keep posting and I’ll pop in your blog from time to time. I’m loving your poems. 🙂


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