Inner Beauty is Greater

Found this pretty cute plaque from a shop on Etsy called FAITH forward. Such a cute shop inspired by faith, hope, and love! Check it out!

I’m not too big on YouTube beauty gurus, but this scripture is in remembrance of Talia Castallano. On July 16th, 2013, she lost her 6 year battle at the age of 13 due to rare childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. I’ve never personally known anyone who’s battled with childhood cancer, but this made me cry when I found out she was Christian.


Her legacy lives on YouTube where she talks about her interests including fashion, shopping, and especially makeup. What makes her stand out from other YouTubers is her inspiring heart and spirit to live life to the fullest despite the struggle cancer has had on her. She became the face of CoverGirl on October 2012 after appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and has since then been named the most inspirational model to appear on the cover for the magazine.

By His Grace, Sheela


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