I Surrender

I’ve wasted so many years my Lord. Half of me regrets, but the other says “Everything happens for a reason.” I’ve been selfish in thinking that I’ve gained nothing in this life. That in itself was a waste. I’ve been so full of myself when it was never about me.

But Your grace is genius.

I can keep taking life for granted by not taking advantage of Your grace. Yet You give so much so freely. I would be so proud not to accept or believe it. It is only by Your grace that I can say “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”  It’s another day, I’m alive and well, and You open my eyes yet again to see Your great works around me…to see my prayers answered. No matter how much I say “Thank You”, I feel it’s not enough. How do I thank you enough?

It’s not my beautiful and eloquent words I speak that matters. You love me so much to remind me to keep following You. To show You my thanks, I must surrender.

And so Lord, for the three hundred and seventy-eight thousandth time, I surrender.

By His Grace, Sheela

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  1. You may already know this song but it was recommended on Youtube when I was listening to Jesus Culture, Fill Me Up. Both hit me hard and I am still trying to put to words what God revealed to me. It will be a blog post eventually. Here’s “I Surrender”. Hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcnfT4arZtI


    1. leighla93 says:

      This made me smile. 🙂 I just listened to the song and it’s actually my first time hearing it. I just love it when people share Christian music. Adding it to my iTunes! Thank you! 😀


  2. Each Day With Him says:

    Absolutely beautiful! God has plans for such souls as you! Thank you for following our blog today as well!



    1. leighla93 says:

      Thank you and God bless you! 🙂


      1. Each Day With Him says:

        I enjoyed the post! Keep up your good work in Christ Jesus!

        Have a super day/week.


      2. leighla93 says:

        Ha! It’s a great morning already just receiving this encouragement. Much the same to you my friend.


      3. Each Day With Him says:

        🙂 )

        This is me with a double smile…not a double chin! Thank you for the message. I love to encourage good people in good works.



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